The primary objective of the institute is to promote professionalism among compliance practitioners and the application of International compliance best practice through:

  • The promotion of the professional, status, image and credibility of its members with its accreditation and professional programs
  • The encouragement and facilitation of the exchange of information among members via cooperation, collaboration and coordination of efforts.
  • The promotion of training, skills acquisition awareness and education of its members by offering conferences, forums, seminars, workshops and the publication of newsletters.
  • The establishment, maintenance and promotion of industry standards through its Standard Operational Manual for Compliance Practice (SOMCOP).
  • The exposure of members to country experiences and best practices all over the world by entering into strategic partnership and alliance with reputable entities that share similar objectives with the Institute.

Specifically, the Institute is established to achieve the following objectives:

  • To encourage and promote compliance within the regulatory environment.
  • To promote the professional status, image and credibility of its members;
  • To identify, establish, maintain and promote international compliance best practices;
  • To encourage and facilitate forums for the exchange of information and ideas among members/other stakeholders.
  • To stimulate and promote education and training in the field of compliance to its members and other stakeholders;
  • To alert members of new developments in, and changes to, legislation and the interpretation and application of such by the relevant authorities;
  • To build synergistic rapport between organizations on compliance issues and to create liaison with similar organisations in other countries;
  • To provide accreditation for compliance professionals;
  • To establish, maintain and promote standards for compliance functions and compliance officers; and
    To do all such other lawful things as are or may be incidental or conducive or ancillary to, or necessary for the attainment of the above objectives.